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Called to be More

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I am unsure how many students we will have. How should I start?
If you do not know your student count yet, open your account as an Administrator with one student, ($10) per year. (Administrators have all Teacher tools plus the ability to purchase additional student seats as needed.) Purchasing one seat will give you access to all 8 courses, you can review each of the courses and customize them. Then purchase more seats once you have your full student count and students can be invited into the courses you have created.
Should I set up the account as Administrator or Teacher?
It’s all a matter of what tools you want. As a Teacher, you have the ability to create and customize courses. And invite and add students to courses you have created.

If you register as an Administrator, you will have all the tools of a Teacher – creating and customizing courses and inviting students. And you can invite your staff of Teachers (who then can each create and customize courses and add students). Administrators have a view into Teacher and Student activity within Called to be More to confirm utilization. Administrators can easily purchase additional Student seats as needed. And have simpler capability to add/delete students.
What if I’m a Parent?
We highly encourage parents to learn Theology of the Body alongside their high school age children. Simply subscribe ($10 per year) as Parent. Share access to the account with your child. Learn together. Discuss together. Get to explore the wonder of God – and your child – all at the same time.
How long does the subscription last?
A $10 subscription will last for two semesters – a full academic year from the time you purchase.

A $5 subscription will be open from the current day until the end of the semester. (A subscription purchased after April 15 will last through the end of the first semester – Dec 31.)
If I let my subscription expire, can I get access to it again?
Yes. Simply purchase access of one seat ($10) under your current account with your email and password and you have access to all the courses you have set up or customized. Then (for Teachers or Administrators) purchase more seats once you have your full student count.
I live outside the US, can I use the Called to be More curriculum?
Yes! When you create your account, you will have a chance to select your country so you can provide an accurate address for credit card processing. If you choose to subscribe, you can only pay by credit card for accounts outside the US.
Do you have more questions?
Our customer service team is here to answer any questions you have. Just reach out any time by phone. 513 407-8672 or by email curriculum@ruahwoods.org We would be delighted to help.